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Get Easy and Safe Access to an Improved Bathing Experience

A walk-in tub can help individuals with mobility issues retain their independence and comfort.

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Walk-in Bathtubs for Residents of the Thompson Okanagan

Walk-In Tubs serves clients in the Thompson-Okanagan region in British Columbia with quality walk-in bathtubs. Operating from our office in Kamloops, we provide bathtubs for seniors and individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges who want increased accessibility to make their bathing experience safer. We have provided our Canadian-made walk-in bathtubs since 1992 with the finest accessibility features and a limited lifetime warranty. 


If you find it difficult to be independent when bathing, then our easily accessible Safety tubs can be exactly what you need. Investing in our tubs can improve the quality of your life and your confidence. Contact us today for a free quote or to enquire about our products and their features.

Experience a Relaxing, Stress-free Bath


Client Testimonial 

'I want to let you know that my dad is very impressed with your company and with the installers. He was so pleased with the installation process. I think he was dreading it after being in construction for his entire life.

Thank you again for making this process a positive one. We will be singing your praises.'

 Loren and Doug 

Our Range of Walk-in Safety Tubs

Check out our range of walk-in tubs we offer clients across the Thompson-Okanagan region. 

The Fairmount walk-in tub

The Fairmount

  • Space-saving design

  • Inward-swinging aluminum door

  • High-flow taps

The Panama walk-in tub

The Panama

  • Wide door for ease of access

  • Innovative outward-swinging door

  • Quick drain system 

The Oasis walk-in tub

The Oasis

  • Long design for increased legroom 

  • Reclined back rest

  • Easy-reach drain controls

The Grandeur

The Grandeur

  • Wide outward-swinging door

  • High-flow taps

  • Spacious for more comfort


The Zen

  • Upright seating 

  • Small footprint, tall walls

  • Uses less water


The So-Lo

  • Standard outward-swinging door

  • Budget friendly

  • Textured floor

The Rio

The Rio

  • Outward-swinging door

  • Fit across narrow doorways

  • Suitable for smaller bathrooms

Why Choose Walk-in Tubs? 

Our walk-in bathtubs are ideal for seniors and individuals with mobility issues to remain independent when taking a bath. Investing in a safe walk-in bathtub can enhance the quality of your life.


Why choose our products? Here are some reasons: 

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Peace of mind and safety in the bathroom icon

Peace of mind and safety in the bathroom

With abundant safety features, you don’t need to worry about slipping and falling and can enjoy a relaxing bath. 

Quick fill and drain capabilities icon

Quick fill and drain capabilities

You don’t need to wait a long time for your walk-in tub to fill or drain out. Enjoy complete comfort and convenience.

Detox bath icon

Detox bath 

A warm bath can reduce pain and stiffness in your joints. Take a long, rejuvenating bath worry-free with our Safety Bath walk-in tubs.

Retain your independence in your home icon

Retain your independence in your home 

A walk-in tub reduces the need for assistance and can give you independence within your own home.

Soothing hydrotherapy icon

Soothing hydrotherapy 

A relaxing soak can provide pain relief. Take a comforting warm bath to relieve your aches and pains with a walk-in tub. 

For over 20 years, we have helped thousands of happy clients in the health and wellness sector. Our primary goal is to provide peace of mind and confidence in your decision to improve your bathing experience with one of our products. We are a proud Canadian company using Canadian components. 


All of our products are approved and conform to CSA, ANSI, UL, and IAPMO standards.

Federal Government Tax Credit and Provincial Grants for BC Seniors

Reach out to find out if you qualify for a $7,500 gov't grant and a $2,500 tax credit for your new walk-in tub.

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Have questions? Get answers: 

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How Much Water Can a Tub Hold?

For most tub models, 60 to 65 gallons without a person.

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How Much Time Does It Take for the Tub to Drain?

With our 2-inch drain models, it usually takes 90 seconds.

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What Is the Water Heater Size I Would Need?

We suggest at least a 40-gallon gas water heater or a 60-gallon electric water heater.

Faq icon

Do Tubs Have Any Weight Limit?

They do not.

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What Is the Number of Air Jets in the Tub?

The tubs have 16 air jets.

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Is There a Warranty on the Tubs?

All our products have a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to the warranty page on this website for more information.

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What Material Is the Tub Composed Of?

Fibreglass backing with smooth finish and acrylic with ABS. There is aluminum construction on the door jambs. The tub frame is made up of high-quality stainless steel.

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Why Are Safety Bath Walk-in Bathtubs Better than Other Walk-in Bathtubs?

The Safety Bath products are made using durable and high-quality materials. They also have high-flow taps.

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How Can the Tubs Be Cleaned?

A soft cloth with mild soap and water can help with everyday cleaning. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Avoid abrasive/caustic cleaners or scouring pads.


Water and vinegar help in softening water minerals. To disinfect and sanitize, you can use bleach diluted with water.

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What Are All Colours the Tubs Are Available In?

You can opt for any colour you prefer, as long as it's white!

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What Is the Tub Fill Time?

Our valve has a rating of 14 gpm (gallon per minute). If there is full water flow, it will take approximately 4 minutes to fill.

Know about Our Limited Lifetime Warranty

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